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Erasmus – English

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General informations


Poznań UNIVERSITY OF COMMERCE AND SERVICES is a non-public University, founded in  1997 by WZHiU (Wielkopolska Trade and Commerce Association). The University operates on the basis of Higher Education Act of 27/07/2005. It has been registered under number 130 in the ministerial Non-public University Education Register.


The main objectives of our University are:

>   theoretical and practical preparation of professional staff, who would operate in business and public institutions and equipping graduates with necessary skills for setting and operating a business company

>   educating managers, who would be eligible to restructurise Polish energy industry (education of management staff)

>   participation in educating and creating a new generation of traders

>   education through post-graduate studies, specialist courses and open lectures

>   international co-operation in the field of education and research, information, staff and student exchange


The education period in WSHiU ( University of Commerce and Services) lasts for 3 years.The first three semesters include general subjects, basic subjects and course subjects. In the fourth semester students start their education in a chosen speciality. The studies program includes the curricular minimum developed by the Ministry of National Education, as well as additional subjects, coursework writing uk, broadening education in the particular knowledge fields. A graduate of WSHiU is entitled to continue studies at postgraduate level at the University of Economics, the Agriculture University, the Adam Mickiewicz University, as well as other universities offering courses of that kind. The WSHiU teaching staff includes, besides our school own personnel, the professors of the University of Economics, the Agriculture University and the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.


School authorities:

Rector – prof. dr hab. Kamila Wilczyńska

Dean – dr Zbigniew Dziemianko

Chancellor – Tomasz Górski


In 2005 University of Commerce and Services has joined the Sokrates Erasmus program, which is currently part of the Lifelong Learning Program – Erasmus, and was obtained Erasmus University Charter. It has initiated the students’ exchange development, between universities from the countries, participating in the Erasmus program.

University of Commerce and Services has signed up the cooperation contracts with German, Portuguese, Norwegian, Turkish and Hungarian Colleges, such as – Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Fachhochschule Hof and Baltic College Univ. of Applied Sciences in Schwerin , BEST-Sabel -Hochschule Berlin – Germany, Szolnok College and College of Dunaújváros – Hungary, INP Instituto Superior de Novas Profissőes, ISG Instituto Superior de Gestão, and Univ. of Lusophone Humanities and Technology- Portugal, Istambul Ticaret Univ. and Anatolu Univ. – Turkey, Høgskulen and Sogn og Fjordane in Sognal, and Aalesund Univ. in Aalesund – Norway.

University of Commerce and Services supports the exchange of foreign students through the special didactic offer prepared in English. Since the academic year 2014/2015, one semester proposal of subjects taught in English language has been initiated.

All the subjects are selected according to the study faculty which is chosen by the foreign students e.g.: Management, Tourism and Recreation, National Security. The exemplary subjects, offered by our University are: Marketing Management, Foreign Trade, Retail Marketing, Negotiations, E-marketing, Internet Security, Emergency Management, Business Strategy and Business Plan, Marketing in tourism and recreation. The foreign students can take part in the English language or sports classes. The Polish language class is organized for those, who are willing to learn the polish language, All classes are led by the academical staff of the University of Commerce and Services.

Our educational offer includes possibilities of the intercultural social area development by taking part in many students events e.g.: the integration parties, sight-seeing excursions, meetings with colleagues from other Poznan colleges and universities.


The language policy

WSHiU (University of Commerce and Services) Students of Management faculty and Tourism and Recreation faculty, throughout the whole period of study, and students of National Security for two years at first degree study, and for one year during the second degree, take part in foreign language classes, where they gain the knowledge to use a foreign language in the general vocabulary range and related to the field of study. Graduates of degree know a foreign language at the B2 level of the European Framework of Reference for Languages. Graduates of secondary education – at B2 +.level.

WSHIU (University of Commerce and Services) offers for students going abroad to study and practice, the opportunity to participate in the intensive language courses organized by the university and conducted by WSHiU staff . Students can also participate in language courses EILC in the destination country to pursue studies or in an intensive course offered by the host institution.

Foreign students can also participate in foreign language classes which are part of the WSHiU program offer. Polish language course is organized too. Classes are taught by WSHiU teachers in our University.

Name & address


Wyższa Szkoła Handlu i Usług ( University of Commerce and Services )

ul. 28 Czerwca 1956 r. Nr 217/219

61-485 Poznań, Poland

About Poland


Information for Erasmus students:


POLAND – general information

Total area: 312,700 km2

Location: Central Europe

Population: about 38 mln

Capital: Warsaw

Official language: Polish (English and German are more and more popular, especially among younger generations)

Official currency: Polish zloty (4,20 PLN = approx.1EUR)

Religion: most of the Polish inhabitants belong to the Roman Catholic Church.

Climate: in general continental, more moderate in the west; summers in Poland are warm (in July and August sometimes hot) with some rain; winters are usually cold and snowy but sometimes mild; spring and beginning of autumn are usually very pleasant seasons.


About Poznań


Location, area and population


Poznań is a city located in Western Poland, the capital of the Wielkopolska Province . It is located half way between Berlin and Warsaw . The city extends over 261,3 square kilometres and is home to a population of some 600 000.

Poznań is Poland ‘s second largest banking and business centre after Warsaw . It has attracted substantial domestic and foreign investment. Poznań is also a major industrial hub and service centre. The city prides itself on the Poznań International Fair which offers over 30 international events in a variety of fields and industries.


Cultural life


Poznań ’s opera house, philharmonic and its numerous theatres and galleries have made it a true cultural centre. Each year many unique international events and held here including theatre and music festivals, exhibitions, musical contests, concerts and more. The most popular cultural event is The Malta International Theatre Festival. It is the biggest open-air stage in the country and the numbers confirm that it is the greatest theatre festival in Central Europe . The Malta Festival takes place in June and it lasts for five days and five nights. It offers over one hundred performances which take place in parks, factory halls, lawns, pavilions of the Poznań International Fair, or in the Old Market. The city of Poznań has, among others: 7 theatres, the Opera House, the State Philharmonic Hall, 28 choirs, 21 museums, 64 galleries of art, 12 cinemas, 21 scientific and public libraries.


Sport and recreation


Poznań is a perfect place to pursue of active sports and recreation. Its ski slope open year round, regatta course on a lake located in the city centre, sled track, numerous bike paths, tennis courts, recreation centres, swimming pools, conservatory, zoo, botanical gardens and many other facilities are a part of an extensive offer available to active recreation enthusiasts.

Poznań is a major scientific and academic centre. With a student population of some 120,000, the city ranks among the country’s leading academic hubs. Poznań is home to over a dozen institutions of higher education specializing in a wide range of fields and disciplines.

Poznań prides itself on its trade fair traditions, which date back to the 13 th century. Before the breakout of World War II, the Poznań Fair had grown to become one of Europe ‘s most prominent fair events.


Public transport


Poznań is served by an extensive public transport system operated by the Municipal Transport Company (MPK) which makes it possible to reach the desired part of the city reasonably quickly. The city transport system operates 24 hours a day (from 11 pm to 5 am a reduced night service is in operation) and comprises bus and tram routes and the Poznań Fast Tramway (PST).

You can easily check you trams and buses connections here:



There are many taxi corporations operating in Poznań . It is advisable to use only the services of radio-taxis (ordered by telephone) and to avoid taxis waiting at taxi ranks or hailed in the street as their fares tend to be substantially higher.

The following are the numbers of several radio-taxi corporations: 96 22 , 96 29 , 061 8 216 216

Bachelor programs


Management – the course description


Management course offers students the opportunity to acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field of planning, managing, coordinating and controlling business processes in an organization.

Basic subjects of the course include economics, organization and management methods, computer science, finance, accounting, using marketing tools in business management, trade negotiations, market research, foreign languages, elements of law, etc.

Management students in the 3-year course of study obtain knowledge in the fields of economics and management, as well as complementary disciplines. They also acquire skills of analysing business environment, market and competition environment, and deveoloping marketing strategies. At the same time the students familiarize themselves with company resources analysis, principles of planning an operation and development strategies; hence with logistics, production, personnel, assets and IT management. The key skill of the course graduates is the ability to develop, implement and control operational programs and a company strategy.


Career prospects:


Our graduates find employment in operational, analytical and managerial positions of the middle level in trade, service and production enterprises, in administration, in various kinds of consulting or government agencies and business organizations. They are also employed as analysts and designers of organizational and management systems. Obviously, they are as well prepared to set up their own enterprise.



> Own business accounting and bookkeeping NEW

The objective is to provide knowledge and skills which enable the graduates to run their own business or achieve a successful career at managerial level in various businesses and institutions (e.g. financial or banking sector).

> Trade and services – organization and management NEW

Within this speciality a student gains knowledge and skills in how to plan, organize and manage a trade and service business.

> Real estate brokerage and management NEW

For this speciality the objective is to provide knowledge and practical skills in the field of real estate management and administration, as well as real estate agency and property valuation services. The graduates are familiarized with current trends in this industry and well prepared for analysing and forcasting in the real estate market.

> Occupational health and safety management NEW

This speciality provides knowledge in the areas of work protection systems, threat identification, occupational risk analysis and assessment, conformity assessment systems, accreditation and certification, industrial disasters, medical safety, rescue, occupational diseases, proceeding in extraordinary situations.

> E-commerce and social media NEW

For this speciality the objective is to provide the most up-to-date knowledge on how to take full advantage of the Internet in sales and marketing and to present state-of-the art tools supporting these activities.

> Healthcare facilities management NEW

For this speciality the objective is to present up-to-date knowledge and provide practical skills in the field of healthcare facilities management.

>   Trade and Service

>   Logistics

>   Finance and Accounting

>   Business Management

>    Health and Safety Management and Work Protection Service


Tourism and Recreation – the course description


The students of Tourism and Recreation acquire, beside very good foreign language preparation, broad knowledge and skills in the areas of tourist business management, tourist product creation, creation and administration of tourism and recreation international projects.

In the course of study the students have the opportunity to obtain numerous specialist qualifications, such as a tour guide, a physical recreation instructor, etc.



> Horse riding NEW

The speciality objective is to provide extensive knowledge and skills in the field of horse riding. The course includes theory classes as well as practical activities with horses. A graduate is well prepared to run their own business, work as a horse riding instructor or manage a horse riding centre.

> Hippotherapy NEW

The course objective is to provide a student with extensive knowledge and skills in the field of hippotherapy. The course includes theory classes as well as practical activities with horses. A graduate is well prepared to run their own business, work as a hippotherapist or manage a hippotherapy centre.

> Hotel, spa and wellness industry NEW

Graduates of this speciality obtain knowledge on the determinants of spa and wellness tourism development. They get familiar with the most up-to-date tendencies in the development of wellness and spa centres and health resorts. They also get equipped with knowledge in the field of identifying the needs of spa and wellness guests, as well as rules on how to create an attractive stay program.

> Leisure time animation NEW

The course objective is to equip students with competences allowing professional organization of leisure time animation. These include correct recognition within different age groups and upbringing environments, as well as acquiring practical skills of a leisure time animator.

> Event manager NEW

Graduates of this speciality acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in how to plan and organize various kinds of events, such as sports and recreational, concerts, festivals, fairs and exhibitions, conferences. They are skilled at preparing and realizing an event offer, as well as drawing up a budget.

> Personal fitness trainer NEW

This speciality graduates are provided with knowledge on how to draw up and realize individual training programs. They acquire skills in the areas of designing fitness classes tailored to individual needs, such as body sculpt, preparation for various sports disciplines, or keeping fit.

>    Tourism Management

>   Leisure Animation

>   Hotel Industry

>   International Tourism


National Security

National Security Faculty prepares professionals for the public administration structures, the security services. During the study the students have the opportunity to obtain knowledge about the national and international security, terrorism, emergency management, crime detection and law. This study is addressed to those, who want to work for military, public administration services, and in broad security services (property protection, IT security, confidential information security).


Possible specialities:

> Graduate courses NEW

> Occupational health and safety management NEW

The course within the framework of the health and safety speciality equips a graduate with extensive, up-to-date knowledge in the field of processes related to health and safety in various businesses and institutions.

> Crisis management in local administration NEW

For this speciality the objective is to prepare qualified candidates for middle management positions related to crisis management realized by crisis management centres and crisis management teams in local units of government administration.

> Management of social security systems NEW

A graduate of this speciality obtains specialist knowledge on public security formed by various institutions of statutory responsibility in that field, as well as other social or professional institutions, which also perform various tasks related to local and social security.

> Mass event security NEW

For this speciality the objective is to provide essential theoretical knowledge and practical skills allowing performing tasks related to organizing and securing various types of mass events, independently or in cooperation with other parties.

> Undergraduate courses NEW

> Confidential information protection NEW

This speciality graduate obtains theoretical knowledge on legal regulations concerning creating, recording and archiving confidential information, as well as requirements for supervising workflow of such documents.

> Public security

This speciality is addressed to those who, after graduation, would like to find employment in government administration institutions, as well as other services, inspections or guards responsible for public order and public security within their assigned tasks and defined competences. Knowledge and skills acquired in this speciality may be an essential advantage in the law enforcement recruitment process.

>   Protection of facilities, people and property NEW

This speciality offers the opportunity to obtain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of protection services. The graduates are equipped with effective tools for protecting people and property. They are also prepared to identify and recognize dangers and threats in the related areas.

>   Emergency Management

This speciality is a response to constantly increasing demand on emergency management in local government institutions. Its objective is to prepare emergency management specialists equipped with knowledge allowing effective recognition and analysis of emergency situations, as well as its management.

Subjects taught in English


Learning agreement


The school also offers the range of subjects with English as the language of instruction for students of all majors, i.e. National Security, Tourism and Leisure, Management. In addition, the offer includes language courses of English, German and Polish as a foreign language.

In spring term 2016/2017 we offer subjects in English:



Erasmus Program Student

Only specific module in English, 1 semester, 30 ECTS

Availability of every subject depends on a number of students that will enroll in – min.10 students.


Subject for choice:

1. Bussiness strategy and business plan (15 h) -5ECTS

2. Product management (15 h) – 5ECTS

3. E-marketing (15h) – 5ECTS

4. Internet Security (15h) – 5ECTS

5. Negotiations (15h) – 5ECTS

6. Soft Skills (15h) – 5ECTS

7. Crisis Management (15h) – 5ECTS

8. Management of modern organizations (15h) – 5ECTS

9. Methods and techniques of management (15h) – 5ECTS,

10. Human capital management (15h) – 5ECTS,

11. Strategic management (15h) – 5ECTS

English Language (30h) – 5ECTS

German Language (30h) – 5ECTS

Polish Language (30h) – 5ECTS


Tourism and Leisure

Erasmus Program Student

Only specific module in English, 1 semester, 30 ECTS

Availability of every subject depends on a number of students that will enroll in – min.10 students.


Subject for choice:

1. Marketing in tourism and recreation (15 h) – 5ECTS

2. Culture tourism in Poland (15 h)- 5ECTS

3. Bussiness strategy and business plan (15 h) – 5ECTS

4. Product management (15 h) – 5ECTS

5. E-marketing (15h) – 5ECTS

6. Internet Security (15h) – 5ECTS

7. Negotiations (15h)- 5ECTS

8. Soft Skills (15h) – 5ECTS

9. Crisis Management (15h) – 5ECTS

10. New trends in food technology (15 h) – 5ECTS

11. Food safety and quality (15h) – 5 ECTS

12.Organization of events in tourism (15h) – 5 ECTS

13. Innovative technologies in tourism (15h) – 5 ECTS

14.The history of art and architecture (15h) – 5 ECTS

English Language (30h) – 5ECTS

German Language (30h) – 5ECTS

Polish Language (30h) – 5ECTS


National Security

Erasmus Program Student

Only specific module in English, 1 semester, 30 ECTS

Availability of every subject depends on a number of students that will enroll in – min.10 students.


Subject for choice:

1. Crisis Management (15h) – 5ECTS

2. Internet Security (15h) – 5ECTS

3. Negotiations (15h) – 5ECTS

4. Soft Skills (15h) – 5ECTS

5. International military relations (15h) – 5ECTS

6. Contemporary social movements (15h) – 5ECTS

7. Food safety and quality – (15h) – 5ECTS

English Language (30h) – 5ECTS

German Language (30h) – 5ECTS

Polish Lae (30h) – 5ECTS


Grading systems of the institutions


ECTS Grade


Definition Poznan Trade and Commerce College Grade


Excellent – high result



Very good – above the average with a few small errors



Good – generally good but some failings



Satisfactory – quite good but some
important foilings



Sufficient – minimum criteria have been met



Insufficient – further work is needed to obtain the academic credit



Insufficient – the student needs to engage in substantial work


Subjects taught in Polish


The catalogue of lectures in Polish covers full educational offer of the WSHiU (University of Commerce and Services) within three majors of undergraduate studies and one major of post-graduate studies.

1. National Security Study Schedule – first degree – download

2. National Security Study Schedule – second degree – download

3. Tourism and Recreation Study Schedule – first degree- download

4. Managment Study Schedule -first degree- download


Grading systems of the institutions


ECTS Grade


Definition Poznan Trade and Commerce College Grade


Excellent – high  result



Very good – above the average with a few small errors



Good – generally good but some failings



Satisfactory – quite good but some
important foilings



Sufficient – minimum criteria have been met



Insufficient –  further work is needed to obtain the academic credit



Insufficient –  the student needs to engage in substantial work




International office

University of Commerce and Services

ul. 28 Czerwca 1956 r. Nr 217/219

61-485 Poznań, Poland

phone : +48 (61) 843 47 96

office e-mail:

Departamental Erasmus Coordinator :

Bernadeta Hołderna-Mielcarek, PhD

phone : +48 61 843 47 96

fax : +48 61 843 47 96

e-mail :


Contact person :



Małgorzata Grad, MA                       

m: +48 780120284


Viktoria Borshchova

m: +48 510056012

In the University of Commerce and Services the Intenational Cooperation Office has been set up, as well as the position of an international cooperation coordinator and an office assistant.


The tasks of the International Cooperation Office include:

1) assuring the workflow of documentation on students and staff mobility, maintaining contacts with partners and monitoring stays, preparing individual trips in terms of their objectives, the assistance in setting up the the particular choice of subjects, uploading the education offer into the university website, help with accommodation, support with obtaining a visa or an insurance policy.

2) assistance and counselling for foreign students and staff members, organizing information meetings, adaptation days for incoming students.

3) offering assistance for returning students and staff members in terms of reintegration, e.g. through organizing meetings for exchanging experiences.


The language policy for the newcomer


Foreign students can participate in foreign language which classes are part of the WSHiU (University of Commerce and Services) education offer. Polish language course is also organized. Classes are taught by WSHiU teachers on the College area.



All incoming Erasmus students are not charged anything for the mandatory insurance, they are responsible for their own insurance


Medical care

EU/EEA citizens


Poland has the health care system based on general health insurance.

Persons covered by the general health insurance are entitled to free health services in the territory of Poland at the health care providers who have concluded contracts with the National Health Fund (NFZ Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia. The National Health Fund is the institution, which is responsible for assuring health services for insured persons and members of their families).


During a temporary stay in Poland , a person entitled to health care under EEA rules can receive health services in the following areas:

>   primary health care

>   specialist out-patient care

>   hospital treatment

>   dental treatment

>   rescue services and ambulance transport


In case of necessity of providing medical care, a student from a member country staying temporarily in the territory of Poland is entitled to free health care on the basis of the E111 form issued in his/her country, European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or in particular cases on the basis of a special certificate. The student is obliged to present one of these documents (it is advisable to have also a copy) together with an identity document directly to the health care provider.

The student will receive free health services at health care providers who have concluded a relevant contract with NFZ.

In case of lack of these documents patient will be obliged to cover costs of treatment by himself/herself. The same obligation arises in case of treatment provided by a health care unit which has no contract with NFZ.

If there is a need of hospital treatment, a doctor’s referral is required.

In case of sudden illness, accident, injury, intoxication, life threat, a patient receives necessary medical benefits without referral.

A patient who presents the E111 form, European Health Insurance Card or a certificate, receives free hospital treatment within the general health care system.

Apart from academic and public medical care system there is also a well-developed private sector. The costs of medical care may be reimbursed if a student has purchased a health insurance policy in his/her country before departure.l.


Non-EU/EEA citizens


The students from non-EU/EEA countries should purchase health insurance in their home country, before departure. In case of the ISIC or Euro<26, insurance is included in the card and the student does not need to buy another one unless he/she wants to increase its scope or value. Erasmus students (having so called legitymacja studencka – student’s card – issued by the host university) are usually allowed to consult doctors at academic medical care centers. Anyway, according to state health regulations, foreigners (except the EU/EEA citizens, see above) have to pay for a medical consultation. The cost is then reimbursed by the health insurance company.

Apart from academic and public medical care system there is also a well-developed private sector.

Poznan Trade and Commerce College doesn’t have the infrastructure to welcome students and staff with disabilities.

Registration procedure


Before arrival



In University of Commerce and Services there is no campus system for student accommodation, so ERASMUS students have to find their own accommodation. However, Foreign Affairs Office helps Erasmus students find accommodation on the private market.

Erasmus exchange students are advised to contact their home university faculty co-ordinator to find out whether a bilateral agreement has been concluded between the two universities and if so whether your desired programme of studies will be approved. An application should be sent to the International Office till June 15thfor autumn semester, and till December 15thfor spring semester.


After arrival


You will not receive your official status as a student of University of Commerce and Services until registration. This is done through the International Office. To register, additionally to your application forms, you will have to bring to International Office 2 passport photos, third party liability insurance and accident insurance. After that you will obtain the Identity Card, which entitles you to reduced public transport fares and some other reductions.The address of the Foreign Affairs Office, located in the main building on the first floor, is as follows: ul. 28 Czerwca 1956 r. , room number 138. The office is open from Monday to Sunday from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm.

A ll students need to register within 2 days of their arrival.

The school international officer as well as student volunteers will be happy to help you – on the basis on individual support – with all your enquiries and confusions (for example: e-mail and internet access, sport facilities access, library services, cultural events, medical / dental help emergency, Polish language support etc.). We will do our best to help you with any problem and will make further appointments / arrangements, if necessary.


Contact person:


Małgorzata Grad, MA

m: +48 780120284

Viktoria Borshchova

m: +48 510056012

office e-mail:

Tel: +48 (61) 843 47 96

Partner institutions


Fachhochschule Hof- Germany

Sakarya University-Turcja

ISCEM – Portugal

Szolnok University College – Hungary

Sogn og Fjordane University College (HSF) – Norwey

BEST-Sabel – Hochschule Berlin

University of Lusophone Humanities and Technology – Portugal

Istambul Ticaret University – Turkey

Mersin University – Turkey

Yalova University – Turkey

Maltepe University – Turkey

Aalesund University w Aalesund – Norway

Academic Calendar




Autumn semester:

26.09.2016 – 05.02.2017


26.09.2016 – 22.01.2017

Christmas break

23.12.2016 – 03.01.2017

examination session

23.01.2017 – 05.02.2017


06.02.2017 – 12.02.2017

Autumn retake
examination period

06.02.2017 – 19.02.2017

Summer semester:

20.02.2017 – 30.09.2017


20.02.2017 – 30.09.2017

Easter break

03.04.2017 – 07.04.2017

examination session

15.06.2017 – 28.06.2017

Student placement period
(recommended period)

29.06.2017– 30.09.2017

Summer retake
examination period

01.09.2017– 30.09.2017

Free days

02.11.2016  02.05.2017  16.06.2017


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